DYFS Attorney

At the Bhatt Law Group, we provide aggressive representation to fight against DYFS actions. Our goal is to keep families together. Our DYFS attorneys are dedicated to helping you through every step of the process. If DYFS has started any proceedings against you, contact us immediately. The sooner we create a plan the better our chances of protecting your family.

Our attorneys represent clients throughout the state of New Jersey and provide a free consultation in person and over the phone. We encourage you to contact us to discuss your case in detail and review your options.

How Our DYFS Attorneys Can Help

Our team of experienced DYFS attorneys will provide a free consultation to discuss your options, explain the process and outline our approach. Our office works with clients throughout New Jersey. We handle cases in all counties and will travel to meet you at a local location. We suggest retaining an experienced DYFS lawyer during the early stages of your case. The longer you wait, you run a higher risk of losing your child.

We utilize a team effort to fight DYFS. Our office has a team of 6 experienced DYFS lawyers that are dedicated to helping you with your case. Our office is conveniently located in Jersey City but we meet with clients throughout New Jersey. Our attorneys will provide you a free consultation over the phone and meet with you at a location near you.

How It All Starts

If DYFS believes there has been abuse or neglect, they will begin an investigation. You should consult our office immediately so we can work towards having the matter closed as soon as possible. The investigation may reveal that the allegations against you are:

Unfounded – there are no signs of abuse or neglect and the case will be closed;

Unsubstantiated – there may be some signs of abuse or neglect but not sufficient evidence to warrant any intervention by DYFS;

Substantiated – there are clear signs of abuse or neglect and there is sufficient evidence.
If the case is substantiated, you will receive notice of DYFS involvement and an Order to Show cause (our an out of court DYFS involvement). You will be entered into the DYFS Central Registry. This can be both embarrassing and detrimental to your good character. You have a right to a hearing. Contact our office immediately after receiving notice that your case has been substantiated. You only have 20 days after receiving notice to file an Administrative Appeal. Our experienced DYFS lawyers will work diligently towards having the matter resolved quickly and removing your name from the DYFS Central Registry.

Types of Abuse or Neglect DYFS Investigates

There are many types of abuse or neglect that DYFS investigates:

• Physical Abuse
• Sexual Abuse
• Substance Abuse
• Failure to Protect
• Environmental Neglect
• Educational Neglect

We encourage you to take advantage of our free consultation to discuss your options. Please use our contact form or call (888) 489-1533 to speak to a DYFS attorney today.